This course offers exceptional knowledge and expertise for Physical Therapists and Assistants in the are of strength training for older adults. Strength training benefits are numerous and research has shown it to be safe and effective for the older population. This course offers guidance on designing strength training programs specifically for seniors and includes literature research review, principles of specific weight training exercises, modifications for older adults and special populations and considerations for age related conditions. The day will also include lecture, case study presentations, group participation in various activities and physical therapy applications. Course completion is based on pre-course reading assignments, class participation and a final written exam. With a passing grade, the student will be certified through the IWA as a Certified Senior Strength Trainer (C.S.S.T.) for two years.


Chris Kolba, M.H.S., P.T.
Jean Momorella, M.S., P.T.
Jodie C. Seligson, M.S., O.T.R.
Mark Stockman, M.S., P.T.
Lisa Godt, M.S., P.T.
Andrea Cheney, M.H.S., P.T.
Deanna Lesmeister, M.S., P.T.
Alyssa Rutchik Padial, M.S., P.T.
Michelle Green, M.S., P.T.
WIlliam M. Klotz, M.S., P.T.
LaVerne Pyle, M.P.T.
Lyle McClune, M.P.T.
Maureen Price, P.T., A.T., C.
Keri Edwards, O.T.
Tonya Breitenbach, O.T.A.
Kent Pierce, A.T., C.
Michelle Green, M.S., P.T.
Vickie D. Gines, D.P.T.
Connie Nehls, P.T., A.T., C.
Kristina Martin, P.T., Certified Pilates Instructor
Pearlas Sanborn, M.P.T., M.B.A., Certified Pilates Instructor
Nicola S. Weiner, M.S., P.T., L.M.T., Certified Pilates Instructor


Upon completion of the course, the attendees will:

  • Identify physiological changes associated with aging and how they influence strength training programs.
  • Describe the benefits of strength training for seniors.
  • Define the general principles of strength training and how those apply to senior programming.
  • Discuss effective teaching strategies to use with senior clients.
  • Understand the application of various types of equipment in senior strength training programs.
  • Develop basic, intermediate and advanced strength training programs for the senior population.
  • Demonstrate appropriate exercises and modifications for patient rehabilitation programs.
  • Learn how to implement special modifications for specific medical conditions.


The Strength Training for Seniors course will provide you with the designation of Certified Senior Strength Trainer (CSST). This course is 6 hours long and requires 6 hours of homestudy. The course times and locations are released 180 days before the day of the course and can be found in the Schedule section of this site. Most locations are prominent hotels near major airports for your convenience. In addition, we will send you written confirmation of the course time and location along with your homestudy materials 21 days before the date of the course. All IWA class sizes are limited and fill quickly.

On-site - The course will last for 6 hours and will consist of lecture, lab, student participation in techniques, manual review and a written exam. Students will also be graded by oral questioning during the day and lab observation. You will be required to arrive 15 minutes early to register and be dressed to exercise. You will need to bring your textbook to the course. This information will be included in your confirmation letter sent to you 21 days before the course.

Homestudy - You will be sent a training manual with your confirmation letter 21 days before the course. You will be required to spend 6 hours reviewing and practicing the exercises contained in the training manual as well as other printed information in the manual. This is done so that you have a base knowledge before arriving at the on-site clinic. At the clinic we will review therapy concerns about traditional exercises and programs, modifications for the senior population and advanced exercise analysis. In addition, we will present information to satisfy all other stated objectives.

Total time required: 6 hours on-site / 6 hours homestudy